What’s this about?

Welcome to Vegan/Alternative/Perth!
We are strongly and lovably affiliated with the People and Animal Welfare Society, please take some time to have a look at their site.

Currently this is a project run by charmedquark, danmoo and Stephen. We are all vegans blogging in a little city called Perth (stuck out on the west side of a continent/country called Australia).

Charmedquark loves Amelie and Asparagus and all things alliterated.
She seems to inadvertantly listen to lots of swedish music and will probably wind up living in sweden if she can. She’s stuck in limbo at the moment with regards to her university studies as she cannot decide what course to take up – geophysics is proving to be very unsatisfactory.
She wants veganism to go mainstream but also wants to keep it underground. It’s a conflict of interests.

Danmoo is really Dan Moore (D2 that is, for the PAWS crew) and he likes lots of cool music. His capture by the circus at age three has reflected poorly on his ability to interact as a functional member of society but made him a winrar amongst /b/tards for his flawless barrel rolls. His psychological issues have resulted in an immense dislike for many socially acceptable practices, including (but not limited to) meat consumption, listening to popular music, and going to the Paramount on Friday nights.
Regardless, he is an enthusiastic contributor, adding much needed angry vegan posts to what would otherwise be a pretentious indie blog, if charmedquark were left to her own devices.



  1. Hey I just found your blog from the Perth Veg list. I’m vegan too and I’d love to help out with a music/vegan/fashion mag.. I’m into metal, punk and rock and going to gigs. Good luck with all this stuff if you want a hand with anything just let me know!

  2. Katie! I’d love to have you contribute, however it seems you’ve left me no contact details to work with.


  3. Oops, thought my email was automatically added cus I had to fill it in.



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