Posted by: Danjamin S. Meow | May 29, 2008

ICBTDEM! #2: Conor Oberst

By “weekly”, I didn’t actually mean “spontaneously, or on a schedule of whenever the fuck I can be bothered” – but internet access in my house has been non-existent (I came home and someone had buttraeped my router). Plus I’ve been having trouble with file hosting websites so you can just find and download the recommended tracks yourselves. Lazy bastards.

zOMG I can’t believe Conor Oberst isn’t a meat eater.
Actually, my overly melodramatic exclamation is false. I found out a little while ago, and he wasn’t really hiding it when he made this video for PeTA:

(Although his Wikipedia article claims he’s now a pescaterian. Boo.)

The co-owner of Saddle Creek records and vocalist/guitarist/driving force behind both Bright Eyes (he sounds best singing folk-inspired indie pop IMO) and the short-lived indie-punk hybrid Desaparecidos, Oberst has also been an open supporter of Barrack Obama, playing for him at rallies in January and February of this year.

Cassadaga came out last year and I’m still delving into it whilst listening to Read Music/Speak Spanish.

I recommend basically anything you can find from either of those two in Lua of finding “Well Whiskey”.

Next week: I might manage to smuggle a post out using a router Tony Stark built in a cave LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


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