Posted by: charmedquark | May 24, 2008


Teenagers in tokyo - click for last.fmYeah it’s one word.

Funny how there are so many references in pop culture to tokyo. There’s the Tokyo Police Club, Tokyo Blonde, Birds of Tokyo, the song ‘Tokyo Moon’ by Windmill and the song ‘Bitches in Tokyo’ by stars.

Anyway these guys are an experimental/jungle band carrying elements of post punk (and hailing from our own dear Sydney).
Not sure what to compare them to, but the music is fun to listen to. They’re full of beat.
And colour too. They’re so colourful. Here’s a song.



  1. no, you fool
    it’s obviously “teenagers into kyo”

    kyo signifying everything on the list of


    Are you being serious? =O

  3. YES.

    I totally didn’t just want to ruin this carefully researched post or anything.

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