Posted by: charmedquark | May 16, 2008

David Jones: Providing a valuable community service

David Jones has THE best.vegan.chocolate.range.ever.

Do you know why? Because good dark chocolate is ALWAYS vegan. Cheap dark chocolate has butter or milk in it, but by definition dark chocolate is not supposed to have milk or butter or animal products in it.

omg divineI will give you an example of fine vegan chocolate that david jones provides.

Firstly there is Charbonnel et Walker. The most expensive chocolate in David Jones. My personal favourites from this brand are the bitter mints. At $160 a kilo, these are quite pricey but worth it.

Another is the Donna Hay range of chocolates. As long as you get the dark chocolate, you’re fine. The Hazelnut crush is divine, brings to mind nutella.

Anyway, go check it out. If you’re a vegan and you love chocolate this is the place to be.



  1. $160 a kilo!? wow.
    How much for just a line?
    Or a dimebag? 🙂

    Sounds yummy…

  2. Wow! You must have a lot of money to be able to afford the full purchase price of those items on a frequent basis!

  3. Hey what’s a vegan?

  4. vegan: a vegetarian who omits all animal products from the diet.

    So for the chocolates… no milk, eggs, gelatin, and likely no honey.


  5. Thanks for that one captain, sounds a bit weird to me personally.
    I think I might just stick to eating animals hey friend.

  6. Thanks for the recc! Will now have to check it out. The best chocolate is dark, and the best dark chocolate is dairy-free.

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