Posted by: charmedquark | May 9, 2008

My Brightest Diamond

The beauty incarnateA real jewel among artists, Shara Warden (the magician behind My Brightest Diamond) mixes genres in a melting pot of wonders, and with a beautiful voice to top it off makes music that is as delectable as it is varied.
As an ex-music student myself, I am well equipped to appreciate the finer elements of her music, such as the elegant instrumentation and the implementation of various classical techniques. These are a reflection of her classical training and her parents’ occupations – both musicians.
She currently has one album out – Bring me the Workhorse – and another compilation of remixes – Tear it Down. Both are highly recommended by yours truly. Not suited to everyone but I think her music can be respected, whether it matches your taste or not. Worth a shot.

A Thousand Shark’s Teeth is coming soon, expect it June 17th.
I hear rumors that an Advance is out and about circulating. Maybe if you have waffles you can get it. So I’ve heard. Mmm waffles.

Something of an End – My Brightest Diamond (mp3)

Disappear (wheat to whiskey Mix by Cedar AV) – My Brightest Diamond (mp3)



  1. FYI… it’s Worden, not Warden.

    Nice blog, though. 🙂

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