Posted by: Danjamin S. Meow | April 30, 2008

I-Can’t-Believe-They-Don’t-Eat-Meat! #1: Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple First up: Fiona Apple

PeTA may use celebrity culture in the hopes of wooing the impressionable masses, which I can sort of see the value in, but it is a bit of a double-edged sword (who’s going to take Steve-O srsly?)

I’m not going to insult anybody’s intelligence or preach to the (sadly minority of) thinking converted with the whole “They did! You can, too!” bit. Rather, draw attention to those worth noticing, who happen to be doing the right thing. I won’t plug JT’s latest album solely on the grounds that he’s vegan. Shudder.

So part one in my series of weekly features on noteworthy veg*ns is someone dear to me (“When the Pawn…” was the first album I bought which wasn’t pushed at me by commercial radio).
A musical prodigy, Apple released her first album at 19, has the dubious Guinness World Record of longest album name, and came under fire for speaking out against the superficial nature of the entertainment industry when accepting her 1997 MTV award after flaunting her waif-like appearance in her video for “Sleep to Dream”.

For fans and the uninitiated alike, Fiona’s cover of Use Me (by Bill withers).



  1. I am basically in love with Fiona Apple. I didn’t know she was a vegetarian – I like her even more now.

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