Posted by: charmedquark | April 27, 2008

..and now you’re old enough I think that you should know (the new Sugar Army EP is out)

reminds me of my oneteaspoon bleeding butterflies jumper.Ok so I’m a bit late with this but hey. It has to be said, better now than never.

I’m a big fan of these guys, ever since I saw them at the big day out ’07. So when I saw them playing with Little Birdy in Forrest Chase early last year, I bought their first EP. Since then they’ve apparently come a long way, generating press for themselves solely on the back of their music (as opposed to being thrust forward by a major label as the next big thing – kudos to

So the new EP, Where do you Hide Your Toys. It isnt exclusively new material I might point out, but there is some brilliant stuff on there. It IS my kind of music however, and definitely not for everyone, but if you wanted a comparison, you might say it’s a mix of “Queens Of The Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Kings Of Leon” (kudos to I personally love the raw edge of the music, getting close to post-hardcore/math with its atonality, and bearing similarities to the dance-punk of DFA’79.

get it

The vid for Jigsaw by Sugar army

listen at


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