Posted by: charmedquark | April 19, 2008

Hello Sweden

I’m probably biased in favour of Swedish bands but oh well, two for you today.

hello saferide!Firstly let’s have a look at the adorable Hello Saferide.
Honestly you couldn’t much sweeter even if you tried really, really hard. Her voice is candy and the music is just lovely
Have a listen to The best Night of your Life (mp3) and you’ll have to agree my friendshout out louds

And as for the Shout Out Louds – I only realised they were swedish this afternoon (imagine my surprise!). These are on high rotation on triple J at the moment so you’ll probably end up hearing them at some point. Upbeat music, with a few sad ones thrown in. I’m in a happy mood at the moment so I think you should check out Normandie (mp3).

Probably not the most eloquent entry. I’ve been napping all afternoon so you’ll have to excuse me.



  1. Hey, have you heard hello, Saferide’s swedish act: She does music in swedish under the name of Säkert!. Her friend Maia Hirasawa does very upbeat music.

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