Posted by: Danjamin S. Meow | April 14, 2008

“Veganising” the veal

Anthony Bourdain

Timeline of important events in this man’s life:

2000 – Jackass chef above compares vegans to the Hezbollah in his book, says he believes a life without veal, stinky cheese and pork isn’t worth living and veg*ns are an affront to the enjoyment of food. Some vegans take offense, everyone else roll eyes and ignore chef’s bullshit comments, life goes on.

2008 – Pissed vegans submit recipes with the cruelty removed to Hezbollah Tofu instead of going to “bookstores drawing giant penises on [his] book covers with Sharpies”.

? – eBook compilation of HT recipes with penis doodled on cover raises funds for various animal charities in Bourdain’s name. Vegans win.

?? – In alternative universe, Bourdain sees opportunity for profit and opens veg*n restaurant. Writes sequel to memoirs. It doesn’t sell, everybody knows he ripped his vegan cupcake recipes off the Post Punk Kitchen.


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