Posted by: charmedquark | April 1, 2008

We’re all gonna die; Strangely comforting.

vintage-death-watch-3.jpgYour beat kicks back like death. Wouldn’t have thought so huh? When I first heard this song I thought it must have been by the Smiths, so similar is it in style esp. vocals.

So it’s no wonder that Jens Lekman often gets compared to Morrisey.
Your beat kicks back like death is truly a strange song, but comforting all the same. Being reminded that our lives are small fleeting phenomena makes all worries and problems seem trivial. I felt instilled with a strange sense of peace upon listening to this song.

Here, see what you think.

Your Beat Kicks back Like Death – Jens Lekman (mp3)

whistle along if you’re not immortal.


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