Posted by: charmedquark | March 11, 2008

Hidden Shoal Recordings Sampler Albums

Last Vestige of LandYes that’s right, more free music.

Hidden Shoal are an independent label who specialise in producing and distributing laid back and/or quirky music ranging from shoegaze, post-rock, minimalist and indie to trip-hop, electro and ambient.

As of yet, they have three sampler albums out; The Least Vestige of Land, The Garden of Forking Paths, and Limit of Maps.
If you’re into checking out some pretty awesome (and quite obscure) artists then this is the Garden of Forking Pathsgo for you. And if you aren’t, I suggest you open your mind and have a go anyway.

Albums can be found here, or alternately you can click on the corresponding album cover images.



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