Posted by: mysticalninja01 | March 9, 2008

music and such

fools, this is the regular author of this blog’s premiere music consultant. this is not to say my music taste matches hers, let alone my diet ( i do enjoy the consumption of meat, however respect the choice of people to be vegan, not my place to tell ya how u gotta eat). Ive been requested to write/post on this blog in order to impart some musical knowledge to the readers, and since i have nothing better to do, here i am.

Now the main thing is knowing where to start. Prolly the best way is to share how i find my music. (also the best way to make me redundant lol) sometimes it comes from friends (how i found out about vampire weekend), sometimes tv (tho not so much anymore now that channel v went the way of mtv) but mostly from the interwebs. Notable mentions go to websites such as pitchfork of course ( ). Yes its highly elitist and wanky and its reviews cannot be taken as gospel truth, cept maybe that second one for jet, but its news section and forkcast are very helpful for staying up with the latest tracks videos and happenings in music. the reviews are also interesting as they can provide a different take or interpretation of music u know to either laugh at or apreciate.

However the majority of music i discover is thru a few key blogs. they can provide a regular suply of new and different music for u to consume. Choose ones that reflect at least a part of yur music taste. this way u get the latest in what u like plus stuff that broadens yur horizons. My personal favorites include; Gorillavsbear, Missing Toof, discobelle and the fader. these ones tend to cover a range of music from indie, to hip hop, to dance and electronica, grime and dancehall. just explore around and find good ones.

You can always check out more specific blogz for recent tracks. the mad decent blog frequently posts new tracks from diplos mad decent label or tracks they dig. Fully fitted had new tracks and mixes from the dudes behind spank rock. The hood internet regularly ( and i mean regularly) posts aweseom home made mashups of indie electro and hip hop music, so yur bound to find something u like.

So go fucking hunting out there on the world wide interwebz for new music. U’ll have noticed that i havent linked anything here. Well tough luck, this isnt wikipedia, maybe you’ll have to search it on google or something (please note the way in which google was used, it is not a verb)

anyways yeah, enjoy, sorry bout the spelling and grammar


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