Posted by: charmedquark | February 12, 2008

Billie the Vision & the Dancers (free album!)

More indie pop, what do you know.

Can’t ever get enough of those bright colours, and happy tinkly jangly chords.
Billie the Vision & the Dancers, apart from being a mouthful, is a fine exemplar of this genre. Though they do dig a bit deeper. Their music touches on a few issues (in a happy singsong way of course), and throughout the albums we follow the romantic exploits of a fellow who falls for a girl called Lilly, and then falls in love with Jessica.

the gang“At first impression, Billie the Vision might seem as yet another pop band with no apparent worries. But if you were to dig a little deeper, you would soon discover that they’re not always about expressing joy, happiness and dancing. What is more, their music actually manages to transcend generation gaps. Billie, moreover, is not a person per se, but rather represents the inherent quality the band wants to encourage their listeners to find within themselves. Billie is about not being afraid of being naive, pretentious or corny, to be proud of what you are…”
Billie the Vision & the Dancers at

3489703.jpgAnyway check them out. Either here or at
The whole album “I was so unpopular in school and now they’re buying me this beautiful bicycle” is free to download.
Because all tracks on are controlled by the artists, yes this does rank the band alongside The Flashbulb (ie. they uploaded all the music and allowed people to download it). Free albums for the win, don’t forget to support the band if you like.

Summercat – Billie the Vision & the Dancers  (mp3)

Come on Baby – Billie the Vision & the Dancers (mp3)


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