Posted by: charmedquark | February 5, 2008

Vegans Galore

We all know the story concerning the eventual rise of all things underground into the mainstream – it gets annoying when all of a sudden the band that you heard about ages ago suddenly gets airplay on the commercial stations. Pfft. And if it can happen with cons, I’d dare say it can happen with Veganism.

One of my vegan friends said to me the other day; ‘Oh man, Justin Timberlake just makes me wanna eat meat.’ Upon being pressed for explanation he said that it was because Justin Timberlake was a vegan. Oh wow. And so is Pink apparently. And Tegan and Sara and Thom Yorke and Pamela Anderson and Andre 3000 (of Outcast fame) and Alicia Silverstone and it goes on.

The difference with Veganism going mainstream is that it’s partly one of the aims of Animal Lib. So looking at the bigger picture it’s really a good thing if veganism goes mainstream.
Though I know I’d miss it. Maybe I’ll go fruitarian.


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