Posted by: charmedquark | February 5, 2008


The best thing since the Klaxons and The New Young Pony Club. Classed in the same genre of ‘new wave’, Shitdisco is more accurately defined as Dance-Punk (they label themselves as ‘disco-house/punk’).

Get into it! I met a nice guy from England at the Necks concert on Monday evening and he exclaimed that I was the only person he’d met in Australia who was into these guys. And we went on to talk about how Australia usually gets all Europe’s music a few months later. It’s how it is.

They actually gained quite a rep for holding awesome weekend-long parties at their apartment – something for which they were eventually evicted. Not surprising really. In addition they’ve apparently held rave parties in road tunnels. How rad. I wish stuff like that went on in Perth.

Album: Kingdom of fear

Reactor Party – Shitdisco (mp3)


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