Posted by: charmedquark | February 3, 2008

Eleventh He Reaches London at the Hydey

posterEleventh he reaches london is a critically acclaimed Perth band who mix together post-rock and post-hardcore to form epic pieces of music that take your breath away. But! don’t just take my word for it:

“Now that I had witnessed 50 minutes of perfection, I found it hard to believe Coheed & Cambria could come anywhere near them…they have earnt the best grade I’ve ever given to a support act in my 70+ shows I’ve seen in my life. 9/10”
– Coheed & Cambria Support 22.03.2006 (Written by: PP for

“The band has a kind of intensity to their performance that demands attention – they really put heart and soul into each song. I cannot praise Eleventh He Reaches London enough. Their music literally sent shivers down my spine.”
– Coheed and Cambria and Eleventh He Reaches London at The Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom, Melbourne (Written by: Nadia Bailey for Pbsfm)

“…this is how you think for yourself or, failing that, get knocked the fuck out.”
– Xpress Magazine (Written by: Mike Wafer for Xpress)

So there you go. Show starts at 8pm and goes till 1am, other acts include all the ones you see there on the poster and tickets are about $15.

buy tickets
eleventh he reaches london
eleventh he reaches london@myspace


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