Posted by: charmedquark | January 30, 2008

Harry Highpants

Harry highpants is the (somewhat comical) name of a store in northbridge down william street (#259). A real awesome store this one – a range of brands that can’t easily be found all over Perth and also (and this impressed me most) a section for hip clothes that’d been taken from op shops. Now I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m assuming. All the clothes that have recently come back in fashion like cardigans and high waisted items did exist before, and these clothes did look like they were remnants of an older time. I found an awesome knitted cardigan – and upon further inspection I found that it had originally come from target!
Don’t be discouraged though. Somewhere to shop if you want to be a little different. And don’t we all =)

Prices range from about $20 right up to $100 and beyond.



  1. […] William Street Collective – stores including Fi & Co, Harry Highpants (whom we visited in an earlier entry), Lala Orange, Mayday, Red Stripe and Stokey Dokes to name a […]

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