Posted by: charmedquark | January 28, 2008

M is for music: Muscles

I swear the first thing I thought of when I heard this dude’s music was ‘holy shit it’s a guy version of freezepop been indie-fied!”

And that’s totally it, Muscles’ music is so happy and upbeat and electronically based it’s awesome. There’s nothing heavy here – I know someone said that all music is political etc etc blah blah but whatever; the album name is ‘Guns, babes and lemonade’.
It’s not just music, it’s definitive. It’s a reflection of pop/hipster culture where it is now. And probably throughout the ages. Carefree, dance and happy with lots of flashing lights and tinkly noises. Muscles has certainly filled a niche here in Australia.

“I dont need a number, I just wanna dance with my shirt off”
Excerpt from Icecream. Brilliant song.

Icecream – Muscles (mp3)

Emotions and Photons – Freezepop (mp3)

If you like, remember to check out the Presets too. Less bright, more tending toward an industrial sound – almost nine inch nails-esqe.


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