Posted by: charmedquark | January 28, 2008

Independent media and Gregory & the Hawk: Sharing the love

Gregory and the Hawk: Pioneers.

It’s not the music of Gregory and the Hawk that makes them pioneers in any way (though it’s good, I personally love it). It’s the fact that the music made by Meredith Godreau – of whom Gregory and the Hawk is a solo project – ‘remains label-free thanks to the flexibility of the internet‘.

Now here I thought Radiohead were the ones who were meant to be heralding this shift in the way we get/see music – but Radiohead’s whole ‘pay what you like’ scheme was largely a publicity stunt. The music given online was only ~165kbps, poor quality – considering CD quality is about 320kbps. Also, they plan to release the album with the help of a label, now that many fans have already poured out their pockets.
What a shame.

In any case, Gregory and the Hawk is an example of how, with the introduction of file sharing and sites like myspace and, ordinary consumers can now be artists and distribute and promote their music on the same level as corporate funded artists. On the internet anyway.

Steal this Film (yes the name is a nod to the book ‘steal this book’, however the subject matter bears no resemblance) is a documentary that goes through the history and development of media sharing and distribution right through from the middle ages, to its current state, and beyond, to what might happen in the future. It highlights the fact that normal people now have the ability to make and distribute their own work with ease due to the internet and available methods of sharing data.

Steal this film (2) can be found here

Birds and Boats – Gregory and the Hawk (mp3)

Fin song 8 (Orange River Remix) – Gregory and the Hawk (mp3)


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