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We’ve Moved!

update your bookmarks girls and boys, we’ve transferred this fine establishment to our own servers and done it up.

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The Slow Beings Album Launch

the slow beings album launch posterThe Slow Beings are another artist on amazing label Hidden Shoal recordings – for those of you who don’t remember the entry where we gave links to their free compilation albums, here it is.

They are launching their album (we know why the earth moves) tomorrow! At 8 pm on saturday the 28th of June folks, at the Rocket room in northbridge.
The Slow Beings have sprung from the ashes of Perth’s finest indie bands and are getting a lot of rotation on RTRfm and triple J, so get ’em while they’re still obscure guys.

Supported by the Chris Mason Implosion and Toby Richardson & the surround sound, this is probably gonna be a great night, a good overview of the kind of artists on Hidden Shoal.

the slow beings on

Album launch on

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Alala you’re so cool CSS!

Sexy awesome indie electro band from Brazil are raging across the world, gaining publicity from an apple add that featured one of their songs (music is my hot, hot sex + the ipod touch)

Colourful and fun, these guys do a mad live show and make music that makes you want to have sex.

They’ve stated that the reason they made their song ‘Let’s make love and listen to Death from Above’ was because they wanted Death from Above to find CSS if they did a Google search of their own names.

Alala by CSS

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More free music: Girl Talk

album artworkLooks like Radiohead really has set a trend.
Girl talk are releasing their album (Feed the Animals) over the internet with the ‘pay what you want’ scheme that Radiohead pioneered. The only difference is that regardless of what you pay, you still get top quality 320kbps tracks – and if you pay more than $5 or $10 you get FLAC versions and a copy of the CD when it is released, respectively.

For those you that don’t know, Girl talk does mash ups – he makes a new song from snippets of other songs. Night Ripper was a great album, and I’ve heard Feed the Animals is amazing. Get it, it’s not like there’s any reason not to.

Find it here

girl talk myspace

official site

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Atlas Divine

Picture of Atlas Divine

Atlas Divine has recently gone through a makeover – the owners being inspired by a trip to Bangkok have redecorated.
So not only do they stock amazing and unique jewelery, clothing and accessories from australian designers, the store also looks fantastic.
Located in Leederville. Check it out!

Atlas Divine
121 Oxford Street, Leederville 6007
P: 08 9242 5880

Photo courtesy of Karen Cheng

Posted by: Danjamin S. Meow | June 9, 2008

ICBTDEM! #3: Oprah..?

For three weeks, everybody*s favourite day-time talkshow host, Oprah Winfrey is on what appears to be a caffeine-, gluten-, sugar- and alcohol-free vegan diet, as part of a 21-day spiritual cleanse:
Oprah Winfrey

“[T]aking your time, making healthy choices and chewing slowly—being conscious of every bite and not scarfing down a meal and then thinking about the next one … is one level of consciousness… How can you say you’re trying to spiritually evolve, without even a thought about what happens to the animals whose lives are sacrificed in the name of gluttony?”

But for the sake of whatever deity you believe in, woman, you don’t have to give up the good stuff! Somebody tell her that vegans are already the healthiest subculture, and that doctors and the French have been saying for years that one red wine a day is good for you.

If only we could all enjoy the kind of meals prepared by experienced vegan chefs. In fact, her 21-Day Cleanse blog might come in handy for ‘real’ vegans (as well as fad dieters) struggling for new ideas. Touted by some as the most influential woman in the world, Oprah could be the most powerful advocate for veganism yet, if she can maintain a more readily accessible cruelty-free lifestyle.
Her “spiritual integrity” and perseverance have yet to be seen, but if she makes it I might just go Level Two Vegan for 21 days and have my friend Freedom make me raw vegan meals.

* everybody equals stay at home mothers, people of colour and anybody not busy watching Jerry Springer re-runs.

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Crazy post week


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na na na na na na na na... CAEKHAT!

Even if you’re not waiting for their sophomore LP,”Teeth Lost, Hearts Won”, triple j favourites The Grates’ blog, FUTURE OR OTHERWISE is worth checking out. Full of their typical shenanigans and studio progress, it might even make you want to listen to their music. For those who can’t get enough of their video diary entries (unlikely), they also have a YouTube channel.

If you need to fill the gap in your indie music collection, Pae has pretty much done the work for me this post and reviewed some songs on the triple j Unearthed website (charmedquark: check out Tokyo Spares).

/laziest post ever

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Wild Strawberries

… is a great Audiosurf song.
That’s right ladies and gentlemen. It makes for a bouncy, fast paced and fun experience with this brilliant game. That’s wild strawberries by Pnau.

Have a go

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